March 2019 

My child  told me Rita is very nice! He seems to really like it so that's a great start. He's been talking very positively about it and no nightmares about it so I'm very happy! What a difference the right setting can make. I could literally see a difference on Monday. 
Thank you. 

APRIL 2019
This is a fantastic nursery and the staff are all very professional and caring. My little boy has settled in very quickly and loves it here. I feel this is the perfect environment for him. He struggles socially and I feel like he actually has a chance of making friends here. He seems more confident in a very short time and I have no doubt that he will do really well here. I would definitely recommend.

APRIL 2019

My little boy is in his ante pre school year at Broom Nursery just now and I can’t say enough good things about it! It is a small nursery with a real personal, family feel about it. All the staff are fantastic! Because it’s so small they are able to get to know all the children so well, so my son has a great relationship with each of the staff members, not just his key worker. It’s also open 5 mornings only (although will be open extended hours from 2020/2021), which is excellent as not only are you guaranteed a morning place, but it’s the same group of kids every day so they form great friendships. It’s a perfect stepping stone from playgroup to school. My little boy in particular is quite timid and I was worried he’d be overwhelmed in one of the bigger nurseries, but he’s so confident in the nursery environment, which I think is partly down to its size and the nurturing staff. He’s also come on leaps and bounds in his literacy and numeracy skills. I really can’t recommend it enough

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