Broom Nursery Early Learning and Childcare Information

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Broom Nursery is an Early Learning and Childcare Centre. We are in partnership with East Renfrewshire Council. We are an inclusive nursery providing early learning and childcare for children aged 3 – 5 years. We are registered by the Care Inspectorate to accommodate 28 children from the age of 3yrs until school age. The ratio we are working with is 1:10 for children aged 3yrs – 5 years.

Our ELCC Vision and Aims Our vision - We believe that play is educationally powerful, the staff plan individually and jointly using their knowledge of the curriculum and of the children’s developmental stages and interests. This is delivered through child led activities both indoors and outdoors. We endeavour to create a positive, welcoming, inclusive, stimulating environment where all children are nurtured and encouraged to reach their full potential through their play.

At Broom nursery we strive to offer a high quality service.We will aim to:• Provide a safe and stimulating environment in which our children become confident individuals.• Encourage the emotional, social, physical, creative and intellectual development of our children.• Promote the welfare of our children • Encourage positive attitudes and develop confidence and self-esteem.• Ensure our children become successful learners and responsible citizens with an understanding of the world around them. • Create and provide a variety of quality opportunities for learning which will stimulate and encourage imagination. • Extend our children’s abilities to communicate ideas and feelings and become effective contributors.

Parent volunteers and supporters make up the committee. It is their responsibility to administrative the running of nursery including fundraising.

HoursThe nursery operates Term time throughout the academic year - Monday to Friday mornings with a start time of 9.00am and collection time of 12.10pm.

Breakfast Club: Monday – Friday 8.30am –9.00am - £5.00

Lunch time Wraparound: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12.10 – 12.45 -£3.00

Nursery Resource Fund

The nursery income comes from the following sources:• Council funding.• Parents pay a nursery fund £1.75 per day. This provides a healthy daily snack, Outdoor agency sports coaching, Enjoy-a-Ball, Outdoor Learning Activities, Outings, parties, Christmas gifts, end of term gifts, new resources. This is payable by standing order (SO) to Nursery account.• Fundraising -various events through the year. Fundraising is an opportunity to involve you and your child to raise funds to help support the nursery. We are a registered charity and therefore are a non-profit organisation.

How we promote learning at Broom Nursery

The CurriculumWe follow the “Curriculum for Excellence”, this is the National framework for 3 to 18yrs; it has four capacities and eight outcomes.

four capacities aim to enable all young people to become:

1. Successful learners

2. Confident individuals

3. Responsible citizens

4. Effective contributors

The eight outcomes are: Health and well-being, Literacy, Maths and Numeracy, Technologies, Social subjects,RME, Expressive Arts and Sciences.

We provide each child with a broad, balanced curriculum suited to their individual needs, interests and stage of development.We offer children a safe, stimulating environment, indoors and outdoors, where children feel happy and secure. We provide opportunities for children to engage in the children’s interests and encourage their use of imagination. We encourage positive attitudes to self and to others. We extend children’s abilities to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas in various ways and confident to explore, experiment, interact and take up new challenges in their learning and development. We recognise the importance of play to children’s all round development and will ensure that a variety and range of activities are provided which supports their learning.

Community Partnerships Our learning is enhanced through community partnerships visits from the local fire service and parent’s share experiences of their work roles e.g. dentist, doctor. We use the local services to further enhance children’s learning through various workshops, library, shops, bus service and local parks. We work with other nurseries in the local area sharing good practice and working together to develop initiatives such as Family Friendly Approaches. We have piloted visits to a Local Care Home -Clarkston House.

We value your support in your child’s learning.  Learning is a shared process.

Visitors, especially parents and relatives of the pupils, are welcome to come into the nursery and see for themselves the opportunities Broom Nursery offers children and their families. Education is a joint venture between children, staff and parents.
We actively encourage parents to participate in the learning environment e.g. with construction, model making, baking, storytelling, drama, music and also to facilitate outings.
Please share your talents with us!
We value parents as the first educators of your child and we encourage you to play a full and active role.
We have various sessions of Music, Physical activities indoors and out, stories and song time. Once a month we have Enjoy-a-ball.

Additional Support Needs
When a child is having difficulties with any aspect of their learning or development you can be assured we will support you and your child the very best we can. The Manager/Keyworker will discuss this firstly with the parent(s)/carer(s) and if help is necessary, will ask their consent to seek further help through a child Psychologist, Speech and Language, and other specialised agencies.
Parent(s) / carer(s) can refer a child to any of these agencies directly if preferred.

Every session, the children develop their self-help skills through their daily snack. Your child can have milk or water to drink. They will also have a daily choice of fruit and vegetables, breadstick and soft cheese, crackers and cheese or yoghurt. We try new foods at snack time such as when we are celebrating different festivals or special events.

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